In-Class Oils — Peppermint & Wild Orange

Last night in class I used a lovely combination of Orange Oil and Peppermint Oil in my doTERRA Diffuser. I love this diffuser as it uses water with these pure oils so there are no chemicals in the air, dramatically reducing the risk of affecting clients with any skin or breathing sensitivities. The reason I... Continue Reading →


Summer Rain Beach Days

Sometimes beach trips don't work out as planned but should the weather get in the way? Not at all! The beauty of it is in its unpredictability. So, as with life, you can only plan and prepare so much, and then you've got to be able to roll with the punches. If it's raining, get... Continue Reading →

Summer break…

Although there will be no classes on Monday August 6th or Wednesday August 8th, you can still practice at home. I find there are some lovely resources available online -- for example, one site I use regularly is the Yoga Journal site -- check it out here. If you prefer to keep it simple, why not... Continue Reading →

Snow days…

Just a note to say that there will be no class tonight, Wednesday February 28th, as we have a red weather warning with heavy snow and blizzards expected. Please take care at this time, heed warnings given, and make sure to stay warm and well. In the meantime, if you would like to practice a... Continue Reading →

Kindness. In Yoga. Huh?

The theme for my yoga classes this month, the first of 2018, is Kindness. And what, may you ask, has that got to do with Yoga? Well, everything as it happens. Yoga, or Hatha Yoga, to be more specific about my classes, is about Union -- union of mind and body, through mindful movement. You... Continue Reading →

Is there an art to Mindfulness?

I'd always really struggled with the concept of meditation and mindfulness. How do you sit still and quieten the mind? How do you know when it's working/worked?! And what good is it to you anyway? All I knew about Meditation or Mindfulness was that you "should" sit still, close your eyes, sit cross legged, and... Continue Reading →

Ginger & Cedarwood…mmmm….

Today the weather is just awful... it's raining, it's windy, everyone is starting to come down with colds and aches and pains. So tonight, during this evening's class, instead of the usual oils I use to diffuse to uplift and energise, I'm instead going to comfort and warm by using Ginger, Cedarwood and Lavender in... Continue Reading →

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